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“Raising Renee” to be shown at Carroll


Chairman of The Department of Business and Social Sciences, Dr. Michael Stovall, and Chairman of the Department of Humanities, Dr. Robert Young, will be hosting a viewing of “Raising Renee” Tuesday April 9th in room L287 at 7:00PM.

The movie, which addresses myriad topics including, race, gender, age, and disability, was directed and produced by Oscar nominees Jeanna Jorden and Steven Ascher. The movie follows the ups and downs of a girl who is just about to make it big with her first solo art show when she learns that she has to take care of her 43-year-old disabled sister following the death of their mother.

Stovall and Young encourage all students come view the film. They are planning on having a discussion after the movie to talk about the topics that were presented. This provides an opportunity for students to discuss diversities in not only the college but also in the world.

When asked how he thought students would react, Young said, “[The movie] covers all sorts of issues from diversity to disability, to race to art to poverty, and I know I have some students who will find it very moving and others who won’t. It is the interaction between them that could prove to be most interesting in terms of discussion.”

The movie will be shown Tuesday April 9th in room L287 at 7:00 pm.  There is no fee for admission.

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