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Update: Wallet stolen at Carroll – further images released.

(Photo Illustration/John Anderson)(Photo Illustration/John Anderson)
Images released by Carroll County Sheriff's Office and Carroll Security of the individual identified as a suspect in Thursday’s theft. (Credit: Carroll Community College/Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

Images released by Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and Carroll Security of the individual identified as a suspect in Thursday’s theft. Click for larger image.  (Credit: Carroll Community College/Carroll County Sheriff’s Office)

Further information has been made available regarding the theft of a wallet, which was stolen from the Student Life Office of Carroll Community College at approximately 10:00AM on Thursday, June 6.  That theft was first reported here.

The wallet belonged to Americorp’s Vista Kim McShane and contained credit cards that were used shortly after the wallet was taken.  In a recent statement, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office confirms that the stolen cards were used at the following locations in Westminster:  Wal-Mart; Rite Aid; Office Depot; and Food Lion.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has released several images of the suspect, who was identified by Chief of Public Safety and Security Wayne Livesay as an “African American male, 40-45 years old, thin build, shaved head.”

When asked about the incident McShane stated that, “It is apparent that this individual is familiar with the Carroll Community College campus, and I would bet that he will probably be back. He got lucky once, so he will try to get lucky again.”

“Everyone, faculty, staff, and students should be mindful of their personal items,” McShane adds.  “Even if they are only walking away for a few minutes. Unfortunately it happened, but at least now I will be smarter, and I hope everyone else will be too.”

Livesay confirms that the suspect was observed in other office buildings in Westminster on the day of the incident, and that investigations had also been opened at the locations where the stolen credit cards were used.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy Hemler could not confirm Livesay’s comments, stating that there was nothing new to report on the investigation at this time and that no additional information is available in reference to the other instances of theft.

The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with further information to call 410-386-2900.


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