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Academic council meets to discuss proposal portal

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Carroll Community College’s Academic Council met on Friday, Sept. 13, to discuss changes to their academic proposal portal site.

The academic proposal portal site serves to collect proposals for the board.  As the old web portal no longer works, a new one has been made.

The old portal was put out of use due to bugs and problems with certain features. A representative from the internet technology department was at the meeting and explained the features of the new system, which is very similar to the old one.

The new portal is up and running and ready to be used.

In other council business the board discussed the goals that they have for going forward this year, which are as follows:

-Continue to work with IT on the Share Point portal.
-Propose a new language class
-Determine if Carroll should still use the +/- grading system

The board also discussed how they felt the Blackboard preview week for students went. Many members gave feedback regarding students having to do work prior to school actually starting. The board expressed its desire for teachers to know that this was not the intent.

No new proposals were presented at the meeting.

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