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“Our Town” graces the stage in the Scott’s Center

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On Thursday, Nov 21, the theatre department fills the Scott’s Center stage at Carroll Community College with “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder.

The first act, named “Daily Life” begins with Stage Manager Dexter Hamlett, welcoming the audience to the fictional town of Grover’s Corners in New Hampshire in May, 1901.  A typical day begins in the town of Grover’s Corner: the women of the town wake up to make their family’s breakfast. The children then leave to school.

In the late evening, two children head home from school. Their names are Emily Webb (played by Sarah Michaels) and George Gibbs (played by Nicholas Maka). George asks Emily to occasionally provide him advice on their math homework. Emily agrees out of affection for George, and the two part paths to go to their neighboring homes.

The second act is called “Love and Marriage.” This act takes place three years later, when Emily and George are getting married. Both lovebirds gain cold feet, but in the end the marriage goes on as planned. The two are then happy together in their marriage.

The third and final act is called “Death and Dying.” The act begins in the cemetery, where the souls of the people who have died in the town still linger. At this point, Emily has died from childbirth (the birth of her second child) and is about to be buried. Though Emily is welcomed to her grave amongst the others in her town, she misses her past life, and decides to return to it. Emily returns to the day of her 12 birthday. She sees the pleasant things of her past life, and takes it all in with wonder. Eventually, she grows sad that she is unable to participate in the events of the day, as she is just an observer. She returns to her grave, and the play ends at Grover’s Corner.

The play teaches viewers about the fragility, beauty, and importance of life. By following the lives of the people in the tiny town of Grover’s Corner, you receive a view of the lives shared by the men, women, and children of the town.

“What kind of compelled me about it is how similar Grover’s corner was to the community here,” said Dexter Hamlett. “Then later on maybe how similar Grover’s corner and this community is to a lot of communities around, including my own.”

The cast also has a deep attachment to their characters. As Nicholas Maka said about his character, “I got into a much deeper understanding of him and how he viewed the world. I ended up really gaining a certain love and respect for him.”

“I had a different view of the character than what has been the result of doing this production,” said Sarah Michaels when speaking about her character, Emily. “She gets to discover something powerful about how beautiful and how precious life is.”

Thursday’s show begins at 7:30 PM, and includes a post show talk back with cast and invited experts. There will be three other showings. The dates for these are the 22nd at 7:30PM, the 23rd at 7:30PM, and the 24th at 2PM.

General admission is $10. The price for senior adults over the age of 65, faculty, staff, and students with ID is $5.


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