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CAB hosts “Stuff-A-Bear” event for Carroll Students

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Dinosaurs sat contently alongside penguins at Carroll Community College last Wednesday, waiting politely for the chance to, well, get stuffed.  They weren’t real T-rexes or penguins, of course; regulations would never allow that.  Instead, room K-119 was filled with small, soon-to-be cuddly replicas of those beasts gathered together for students by the Campus Activities Board (CAB), which sponsored a “Stuff-A-Bear” event, where members of the student body could make their own stuffed animals for free.

Students weren’t limited to the exotic, either. There was a wide range of animals to stuff, which CAB bought from Entertainment Avenue. The list included penguins, pigs, hippos, giraffes, koala bears, monkeys, zebras, alligators, T-rexes, and of course, teddy bears. Students lined up to pick an animal to stuff, and then proceeded to crowd around boxes filled with stuffing.

After stuffing the animals to their maximum capacity, the result was a lot of stuffed animals, and a lot of very happy students.

“I think this is just the cutest idea ever!” said Emily McCreary, a participant in the Stuff-A-Bear event. “There were so many choices, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the penguin or the hippo or the pig- they’re just all so great!”

Mary Kate Wrigley enjoyed the event by making a stuffed animal for her sister.

“I’m making a penguin for her,” Wrigley said as she put a handful of stuffing into the small toy. “She loves penguins, so I think this will make her happy.”

Phill Stroh, CAB president, had a few words to say about the event.

“It was a group decision,” said Stroh. “This has been the first time that CAB has done the Stuff-A-Bear event. We’re thinking about maybe doing it next year as well.”

The event continued from 11AM-1PM in room K-119. The event was free for all students.

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