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Gallery of artwork unveiled in Babylon Great Hall

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A gallery brimming with new artwork opened in the Great Hall of Carroll Community College on Sunday, featuring pieces from the faculty of the school’s continuing education program.

The diverse exhibit features many kinds of visual art: photography, painting, and various species of abstract art.

Fourteen dedicated art instructors contributed to the art hanging in the Great Hall.

“I do a lot of travel photography, so many of my pictures are from my travels,” said Allen Arnold, one of the artists.

He pointed to one of the pictures he had taken, a digitally altered image with brightly graffitied, vintage cars sticking out of the ground with the Earth looming in the background.

“This looks like it was taken from the moon, but it was actually taken in Texas on Route 66. Some farmer planted these Cadillacs next to the road. I thought that it would make the picture more interesting if it looked like it was in outer space.”

Pat Scalice, an art student, commented on the beauty of the gallery. “I think it’s beautiful, I love it,” said Scalice. “I think it’s very interesting because there’s so many different types of art displayed.”

Reverend Charles Shaffer also admired the gallery, pointing out a small pencil study of a rhino. “That study was the original idea for a much bigger watercolor, which spent September at the San Diego Watercolor International Show. In April he will be on 5th avenue in New York City for the American Watercolor Society.,” Shaffer said. “It all started with that one drawing.”

Mary Anne Marsaleck, the coordinator for lifelong learning, spoke about how the gallery came about.

“The idea for this show originated with myself and with Sally Long, who is the executive director for Continuing Education,” said Marsaleck. “We just thought that it would be great to have a venue to show off the talents of our fine artist instructors.”

And talented they are. All of the walls in the Great Hall are filled with a variety of magnificent work from the 14 instructors.

Maggie Ball, the head of the Art Department commented on how convenient it is for students to view the art. “In this space, people have to walk through here anyway,” said Ball. “If you can take just a moment to admire it, you’ll really appreciate what you see.”

The Gallery opening featured a reception from 2-4PM. The gallery is open until March 21 and is free and open to the public.

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