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Student Profile: Nursing Graduate Susie Nelson

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Susie Nelson, a recent graduate of Carroll Community’s Nursing Program

Carroll Community College’s Nursing Department is acclaimed by many, and graduation from the program is considered a notable accomplishment. Without these successful students, current and graduated, this program wouldn’t be as widely successful as it is today. One such student is Susie Nelson, a recent graduate from the Nursing program. Taking a look at her experience, while attending Carroll, sheds a little more light on the program, from a more personal perspective.

Nelson began her journey at Carroll back in 1999 but, due to personal concerns, was forced to stop attending classes. A decade later, in 2009, she resumed enrollment and began taking pre-requisite classes in order to enter the Nursing program.

Two years later, after being accepted into the Nursing program, Nelson was finally able to begin working towards her dream. In May of 2013, Nelson graduated from the program with her A.A. Degree in Nursing. She also won the Director’s Program award, a reputable accomplishment as a student of the Nursing program.

Her learning experience while at Carroll’s Nursing Program provided her with the tools necessary to pursue her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing. Nelson is currently taking classes online with Frostburg State University in order obtain her Bachelor’s Degree. Meanwhile, she currently works as a Psychiatric Nurse at the Springfield Hospital Center, and is taking a nutrition class at Carroll as well.

Nelson praises Carroll’s Nursing Department, based on her own experiences in the program. With regard to her personal experiences with the Nursing program, Nelson says, “I can’t say enough about how great the professors are.” She also discusses that Carroll County and the surrounding areas would be at a loss without this program. She states, “it’s a great program, and we are really blessed to have a great program like that in Carroll County.”

Nelson states that Carroll’s Nursing Department is a top notch department, but she wouldn’t be the first to admit this.


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