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Selection committee announces interview, presentation with Ball

Dr. James Ball, vice president of student affairs.  (Staff Photo/Kayla Stammer)Dr. James Ball, vice president of student affairs. (Staff Photo/Kayla Stammer)

Representatives of the selection committee established to identify candidates for the Carroll Community College presidency are preparing to interview Vice President Dr. James Ball and are seeking input on that process, according to a memo circulated by David Bollinger, board of trustees chairman.

The interview will occur on March 17 and also feature a presentation by Ball on his vision for the college’s future, which will be available through an online video feed on March 18.

Campus members with suggestions for interview questions are encouraged to contact one of the following board representatives prior to March 10:

According to the memo, the board will make their decision on April 28 and announce their decision to the college in early May.

Ball joined Carroll in 1999 as vice president of academic and student affairs.  He had previously held positions at Howard Community College.

In an interview, Ball commented that “prior to coming here, I had worked at Howard Community College for 20 years. I started off in the counseling center there and I taught Psych, Human Relations, Career Development, and so on. I taught a lot of the counseling related subjects. Then I became full time faculty. I released counseling and kind of moved around the institution there for a number of years into different positions, each position carrying a different responsibility. Ultimately I left HCC as the vice president of student affairs. Then I came to Carroll, because I had instructional background as well to oversee both instruction and student affairs.”

Ball is a doctor of education with a terminal degree in higher education administration from the Virginia Polytechnic and State University, from which he also holds a certificate of advanced graduate studies in higher education administration. His master’s degree in counseling and student services and psychology was earned at North Texas State University, where he also earned his bachelor’s of science degree in education, with a minor in psychology.

Ball was first identified on Nov 21, 2013 as the board’s primary candidate for the presidency, a position made available when Dr. Faye Pappalardo announced her upcoming retirement in June of that year.  Responsibility for hiring the new president is the board’s responsibility.

In addition to his academic achievements, Ball enjoys cooking and performing music.  He had majored in music early in his college career.

“If you had told me that I would eventually get a doctorate and work in a higher education environment when I was first majoring in music,” says Ball, “I would have told you that you were crazy. I would’ve thought, ‘What? That’s not me. I’m a musician.’”

If selected to succeeded Pappalardo, Ball will become Carroll’s third president.





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