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Drama Club presents play adaptation of movie, “Reservoir Dogs.”


On March 15 at 7:30PM, the Drama Club will be holding a performance of Reservoir Dogs in the Scott Center Theatre at Carroll Community College.

If you’ve ever watched the movie Reservoir Dogs, you know that it is a crime film that illustrates the events before and after a simple, failed diamond heist. After the six strangers survive the heist-gone-wrong shooting spree, they simultaneously realize that one of them is a snitch, though no one knows which one.

The Drama Club has adapted this thrilling movie into a theatre production for the students of CCC to enjoy.

“It was actually originally my idea,” said co-director, Josh Hopkins. “We’ve always wanted to do a student show. We thought of a few ideas, and we decided that Reservoir Dogs was probably the one. We got really excited and it’s been a great experience. We have the best cast ever assembled for a student show. Everyone is amazing.”

Co-director and actor Alex Beveridge was also commented on progress of the production, and his role in the show. “Being on the stage versus directing is so difficult for me as a director because I can feel everyone’s energy and I can feel the fact that the show is really coming together and it’s so hard for me to continue being in character when our lovechild of the show is taking flight.”

The performance, which is completely run by students, will be taking place on March 15 at 7:30PM in the Scott Center Theatre. Performance goers should note that the production includes a large portion of violence and profanity. Viewing is for mature audiences only. Entry is free.


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