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The History Club presents “The Rape of Europa”


This Thursday, March 20 at 6pm, the History Club will be showing the award -winning documentary, “The Rape of Europa” in room C-272.

It is the true version of dramatized Hollywood adaption, “Monuments Men.”

Anyone is welcome to join the free showing and stay afterwards for discussion. There will be snacks.

“The Rape of Europa” accounts the true tale of Nazi Germany’s mass theft of treasured art all over Europe during World War II and the Allied push to abate the blow. Joan Allen narrates a journey through seven countries whose art was preyed on by the Nazi’s greed and destruction. In the wake of said destruction came unlikely heroes, willing to protect and save the art and all that it stood for.

The documentary is an important look at what art means to humanity, and what it means to protect it.

Dr. Robert Young, adviser of the History Club, says, “We’ll have a chance to talk about how Hollywood portrays actual events and what it means to civilization had great works of art been destroyed in war.”

Also, after hearing that the Book Club at Carroll had recently read the book, “Monuments Men”, the History Club finds only more reason to show the award-winning documentary.

The History Club hopes that students will come fill room C-272 and watch the trial and survival of artistic heritage.

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