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A Romantic Tragedy- Romeo and Juliet at Carroll

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The romantic tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” will be presented by the Theatre department this weekend in the Scott Center Theater. Though this adaptation remains in early modern English, the costumes and music are anything but Shakespearian. With pop music, bright flashing lights, and modern clothes, you can see a whole new side of this classic tale.

For those who have never watched – or read – Romeo and Juliet, the story is of two young teenagers who fall in love during a massive feud between their two families. Knowing that their young love will be unacceptable, the two marry in private.

Later, Romeo and Mercutio  (a close friend of Romeo) are engaged in an argument with Tybalt (one of Juliet’s kinsman), which ends in Mercutio’s death. An enraged Romeo kills Tybalt, and Romeo is banned as a result of his actions. Meanwhile, Juliet’s father – unaware that she is already married – has arranged a marriage between her and another man.

To alleviate this untenable situation, Juliet given a poison by a Friar that will make her appear dead to her family. When the potion wears off, she is to reunite with Romeo, undoing her dilemma. However, the letter to Romeo from the Friar explaining Juliet’s feigned death never reaches Romeo, and Romeo, believing Juliet dead, kills himself out of grief.

Upon waking and finding her beloved Romeo dead, Juliet kills herself.

Nicole Sliwka (Juliet) said, “I really like it. I like this because it’s different, it’s something new.” Matthew Iannone (Romeo) seemed to agree, saying, “seeing it in this light, I really like it.”

Saturday’s performance begins at 7:30 p.m. Sunday’s performance will be at 2 p.m. General admission is $10, while admission for senior adults over the age of 65, faculty, staff, and students with ID is $5.

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