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Breaking: Carroll chooses new school President


On Wednesday May 14, 2014, The Board of Trustees announced that the third President of the college will be Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. James Ball; this will be effective July 1, 2014.

Ball was the school’s only candidate for president. The Board of Trustees, which makes the final decision, announced last year that they were going to look into Dr. Ball becoming Carroll’s next president. Ball was interviewed for the position of president in early March. That interview was held by a selection committee made up of members in charge of looking for a new president. Those members make the recommendation to the Board about whether or not they thought the candidate should be chosen. They look at the candidates’ credentials, goals for the school, and other various aspects.

According to letter from the Board of Trustees, “[Ball] has demonstrated strong leadership as a senior level executive as well as holding leadership positions on multiple local, state and national boards and organizations.”

In a prior interview with The-Quill, Ball said that he saw the college expanding science, technology, and math programs in the future, as well as Carroll’s commitment to technology.

Ball is a doctor of education with a terminal degree in higher education administration from the Virginia Polytechnic and State University, from which he also holds a certificate of advanced graduate studies in higher education administration. His masters degree in counseling and student services and psychology was earned at North Texas State University, where he also earned his bachelors of science degree in education, with a minor in psychology.

Prior to working at Carroll, Ball held a position at Howard Community College for 20 years. In a prior interview with The-Quill Ball commented about his time at HCC, “I started off in the counseling center there and I taught Psych, Human Relations, Career Development, and so on. I taught a lot of the counseling related subjects. Then I became full time faculty. I released counseling and kind of moved around the institution there for a number of years into different positions, each position carrying a different responsibility. Ultimately I left HCC as the Vice President of Student Affairs. Then I came to Carroll, because I had instructional background as well to oversee both instruction and student affairs.”



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