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About Music: The Art of Jack Gurecki


One of the latest art exhibits at Carroll Community College officially opened Sunday afternoon, showcasing the vibrant vector graphics of local artist and musician, Jack Gurecki.

The exhibit “About Music: The Art of Jack Gurecki” illuminates the walls of the Great Hall with a contemporary kaleidoscope of prints made by Gurecki, a Computer Graphic Design student at Carroll Community. “About Music” is an exhibit of Gurecki’s vector graphics, a form of design which uses geometrical primitives such as points, curves, and shapes based on mathematical expressions to represent images in computer graphics.

Gurecki explains his decision to use these vector graphics, saying, “If you look around, vector art is one of the most eye-catching mediums you could possibly do. Not just with color or with the sleekness of the lines, but just because it’s very striking. It’s very simple, and very powerful. It’s one of the best things you can do when you’re trying to get people’s attention.”

One of the major attention-grabbing aspects of the exhibit are the obvious influences of music: bands such as Pink Floyd, Green Day, deadmau5, and AC/DC are featured throughout the dynamic pieces. The prints are composed of large areas of black and white, splashed with an expressive palette of brighter colors. And while most of the prints are on paper, some reflect Gurecki’s humor. When asked why a set of prints were done on metal, Gurecki replies with a grin, “Because the band featured on those is a metal band.” Gurecki also expresses how music helps him get through hard days. He considers his art as a tribute of sorts to what music has done and continues to do for him.

Gurecki is incredibly passionate about his music, not limiting himself to one form of art. He sings vocals in the band Ignite the Fire. Ignite the Fire has released a self-titled EP, where listeners can hear another part of Gurecki’s artistic endeavors. Gurecki’s band mate, Caelan Gregory, speaks about Gurecki: “Jack’s very imaginative, has a big open mind, and is a little bit insane,” Gregory said, grinning. “That comes out in the way he performs with the band and in his artwork as well. He also does the artwork for the band.”

Viewers at the “About Music” reception respond enthusiastically to Gurecki’s art. “I think this is really awesome,” one student exclaims. “I’ve never really looked at the art in here before, but that Pink Floyd piece grabbed me. That’s the music I listen to, so I can relate to what Jack’s saying here.”

The “About Music” exhibit in and of itself is a testament to Jack Gurecki’s dedication to art and music. The chance to showcase his artwork did not simply fall into waiting hands. Gurecki boldly took matters into his own hands and sought out the opportunity to exhibit. Gurecki urges aspiring artists to do the same and step forwards with their own work. “Don’t limit yourself. I know that sounds very general and cliche, but I got here because I asked if there was a gallery opening,” he said.

Jack plans on continuing with his art and music whole-hardheartedly, hoping to continue to exhibit his artwork in as many ways possible and to perform in front of millions with his band.

Gurecki’s exhibit is open for all to see in the Great Hall of Carroll Community College through November 20, and the pieces on display are available for purchase through Mr. Gurecki.

Viewers examine the art of Jack Gurecki

Viewers examine the art of Jack Gurecki

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