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Carroll inaugurates Ball

Dr. Ball2

Carroll Community College held a ceremony on Friday, November 7, to commemorate the inauguration of the school’s third president, Dr. James Ball.

All the faculty involved were thrilled by how well the ceremony went. Afterwards, Executive Vice President of Administration Alan Schuman stated that “everything was as perfect as it could be.”

“It was a huge success because many groups came together and made this happen,” Director of Student Life Kristie Crumley explained. The more amazing feat accomplished by those planning the event, Crumley commented, was that “we did this great thing and still like each other.”

Crumley also pointed out that while the inauguration ceremony was excellent, it’s what Dr. Ball does from here on out that matters. “It’s like when they say the wedding is nice, but it’s the marriage that’s important. The inauguration is important, but it is the presidency that is most important: that is the legacy.”

Marie Ball, Dr. Ball’s wife and new first lady of Carroll Community, enjoyed the ceremony and was pleased that her husband was being honored by so many people. “He has worked hard and he deserves this,” Ball stated. “He is passionate about this school, passionate about the students here.”

“I’m very proud of him,” she finished. “The whole family is proud of him.”


Highlights showing some speakers for the inauguration a available here.

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