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SGO hears revised budget plan


The  Student Government Organization, SGO, listened to a revised budget presentation from Executive Vice President of Administration, Alan Schuman at their meeting on Tuesday.

Due to the reins of leadership changing hands at the state government level, Carroll Community will not be receiving as much state funding as expected. This means that the upcoming tuition raise will be eight dollars per credit, as opposed to the five dollars that was mentioned during the initial proposal.

According to Schuman, the tuition increase was expected, as every year that enrollment at Carroll decreases the tuition increases. At one point, it had gone as high as 10 dollars per credit.

Besides the new budget proposal, the SGO also discussed filling three vacancies on the SGO board. The SGO is accepting applications from prospective board members in the Student Life office through next Tuesday.

The SGO holds an open meeting every Tuesday in the Board Room at 3:30.

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