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Indecent Exposure Reported on Campus

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On Monday, April 6, an indecent exposure was reported to campus security, which occurred in the main parking lot the previous afternoon on Sunday, April 5.

Once security learned of the misdemeanor, a warning and summary of the offense was sent out via email, text, and Blackboard notifications to keep the faculty and student body on high alert.

While walking her dog on Easter afternoon at approximately 1:30pm, from the YMCA to Kate Wagner Road, a female individual, who was alone, utilized the sidewalk of the main campus parking lot, hoping to avoid the traffic of Washington Road. As she walked, she spotted a vehicle entering the main parking lot near the YMCA, with a lone male individual inside. The vehicle then drove past and exited the parking lot, went down Washington Road but reentered at the farthest entrance closer to Kate Wagner Road shortly afterward and slowly drove past the woman. The window was slightly open, and the female individual observed the driver masturbating. From a quick glance, the driver appeared to be a shorter, middle-aged male, with no hair, while the vehicle itself was a faded maroon Chevy, and possibly an Impala.

Local law enforcement departments in the surrounding areas have been notified of the incident, and are on alert, as well as campus security.

Wayne Livesay, head of campus security explained, “According to the other law enforcement agencies in the county there are no other similar incidents, so no one else has had any of that with this description.” Officials will continue to follow-up on this report.

Recently, campus security identified a car on campus security footage, which matches the description provided by the female individual. The image is blurry, though, so officers are working on improving the quality of the video with special video enhancing equipment.

As always though, security officials are reminding students, to take necessary precautions and be alert while on campus. Livesay explained: “The basic precautions are: try not to walk alone, but if you are alone try to have your cell phone with you, if you have a cell phone, report any suspicious activity when it occurs, try not to delay in reporting.” He also reminded students and faculty that officers are more than happy and willing to escort individuals to their vehicles at any time, and encouraged individuals to use the emergency phone service. The emergency phone number is 8123.

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