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“Peep”le flock to Carroll Arts Center

Godzilla, created by the Campus Activities Board at Carroll Community CollegeGodzilla, created by the Campus Activities Board at Carroll Community College

Dinosaurs, Disney and even Katy Perry’s famous “Left Shark” are just a few of the sugary creations on display at Carroll Arts Center’s 8th annual Peep Show.

During the eleven day event, people have the opportunity to view a variety of masterpieces made with the popular seasonal confection and vote on their favorites. Though sculptures are the prevailing type of artwork in the show, videos, photographs and even replications of famous paintings using Peeps are on display. “This isn’t just a diorama contest that takes an hour… this is intensive,” said Sandy Oxx, Executive Director of Carroll Arts Center.

Intensive” is an understatement when it comes to this sweet display of creativity. This year, people contributed more than 150 entries, involving over 30,000 Peeps. For those out there that like to keep count, the 560 pounds of marshmallow and sugar equates to approximately 840,000 calories.

A giant Goofy the dog, octopus, Pac-Man, Maryland flag and Curious George are among some of the impressively detailed sculptures in the show. “Wanna know my favorite piece?” asked enthusiastic attendee Tyler Reardon, “Everything!” Additionally, Carroll Community College’s Campus Activities Board has a Godzilla sculpture, complete with a miniature version of the college and terrified students.

As of March 31, the show already had roughly 10,000 visitors, a number Oxx hopes will eventually grow to surpass last year’s attendance of more than 25,000 people. Just Born, the Pennsylvania company that manufactures Peeps, allowed their official merchandise to be sold at the event for the first time this year because of the large influx of visitors.

Having so many patrons bodes very well for Carroll Arts Center, as the center receives all the money the event makes. Last year alone the show brought in more than $40,000, a hefty increase from the $6,000 its first year. With the addition of the Just Born merchandise, those profits are expected to rise even more.

Increased awareness of the Peep Show is a definite contributor to its rising popularity. While national media featured the event in previous years, one particular creation grabbed the attention of quite a few notable outlets this year. close to the entrance of the main exhibit room stands Left Shark, the hilariously confused backup dancer from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance. The Huffington Post, USA Today, TIME, ESPN’s SportsNation and even Perez Hilton all acknowledged the spectacular sculpture created by 13-year-old Sydney Blacksten of Westminster.

While eating is still a fantastic way to enjoy Peeps, Carroll Arts Center proves that sometimes looking at candy can be just as fun.


Check out some media coverage of the now famous Left Shark sculpture!








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