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Game On: An Inside Look at the CCC Gamers Club

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The CCC Gamers Club is one of the most prominent clubs on the Carroll Community College campus. This rapidly growing club is home to over seventy members and is a place for students to enjoy video, card, tabletop and board games. The-Quill caught up with several of the members and officers to get an inside look at the CCC Gamers.


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Deborah Embury
Deborah Embury is pursuing a degree in English and Journalism and has been writing for The-Quill since 2014. Deborah has written about Student Life, the Campus Activities Board, art and theatre at Carroll, and travel features.

2 Comments on "Game On: An Inside Look at the CCC Gamers Club"

  1. This is such a wonderful story–well done! I would love to see stories like this about other clubs on campus :)

  2. Great job! Really enjoyed this, and learned a lot about the Gaming Club!

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