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Student Government discusses Thanksgiving dinner


The Carroll Community College Student Government Organization (SGO) discussed the handling of the Carroll Food Locker’s yearly Thanksgiving Dinner collection.

The Carroll Food Locker Program (CFLP) is a program designed to provide food to Carroll students and faculty in need of assistance. Every year, the CFLP holds a food drive to collect foods specific to Thanksgiving dinner to provide members of the program with a holiday meal. SGO advisor Heather Diehl believes that “Thanksgiving would be very different for some people without this program.”

The SGO discussed how to best promote and assist the food drive. The board agreed that people looking to donate should have the option of giving cash as well as food. The members also debated ways to encourage students and faculty to give. Senator Hardik Patel reminded everyone of the fundraiser last year at Carroll that gave a car away to one lucky donor. That idea, whether serious or not, was shut down very quickly by Vice President Alex Schmidt. “We’re not giving away a Honda, Hardik,” Schmidt said.

Ultimately the group decided to accept cash donations along with food. Secretary Mike Dunn suggested putting a cash bin by the registers in the café, to grab people with their wallets already out.

After the Thanksgiving dinner discussion was settled, the board discussed suggestions found in the SGO Suggestion boxes around campus. Schmidt brought out three suggestions found in the box in the Student Center asking for a microwave in that room. After a couple minutes, the members of SGO decided to look into buying a microwave.

Following the open portion of the meeting, the SGO board held a meeting closed to the public. The SGO holds open meetings every Tuesday at 3:30 pm in the Board Room.

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  1. Funny how SGO spends their free time in the same student life office that’s now being considered for a fridge.

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