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Student Sampler: What do you think of the food in the Café?


Kaitlin Shook

Kaitlin Shook- “I bring my food every day to school. I don’t want to pay money for food I can make at home. One time I did buy from here. They were having like, roast beef sandwiches and so I thought I’d buy one. It smelled really good but it just tasted like cardboard. And I work in a deli so I know my sandwiches. It was very disappointing.”







packed lunch

Taylor Long- “I usually get the same thing every day: a sandwich and soup. It’s a lot easier than packing and it’s pretty cheap. I like the variety and I like the Starbucks.”





Fries and chickens tenders from the cafe

Ashley Kaiser- “I usually go for the tenders or the fries. They’re good. I don’t think it’s cheaper to buy more because this is almost $5 where at Chick-fil-A you can get like, pretty much a whole meal for like, $7. I like to buy it though because it’s hot food instead of a cold sandwich”.




Jeremy Bensing

Jeremy Bensing



Jeremy Bensing- “It’s called the crap-eteria for a reason. The food is faker than whatever’s fake. It’s faker than McDonalds.”




Meredith Faid enjoys a packed lunch

Meredith Faid enjoys her lunch





Faith Slaughter- “I pack but I do it to stay healthy … and it’s, like, $5.00 for mozzarella sticks and that’s too expensive.”





Amanda Warthon enjoys Starbucks

Amanda Warthon enjoys Starbucks

Bobby Hough- “I don’t eat them. The cheapest options are the dollar hot dog days and hamburgers and stuff. I think they’re gross. I bring like wraps and stuff from home and healthy chips because I feel better when I eat that whereas eating the food here makes me feel kinda like rundown and tired and I just don’t like feel good eating a lot of the food here. But I think we do have good options as far as like drinks and sides go like yogurt and pretzels and things. But as far as the entrees go, I don’t really like them that much. I would not mind paying for something a little more healthy. I stopped eating lunches two semesters ago here just because I was like, ‘what am I doing? This is not good’. I think one time I had some kind of linguini or something they were having and it had scallops and shrimp in it and it was just… don’t eat the seafood here! Other than that, I guess it’s better than high school food.”

Caroline Winter

Caroline Winter



Caroline Winter- “Everyone’s being like really critical about the food but I don’t mind it! I’ve always been a fan of the salad bar because you know it’s the healthier option. And it goes by weight and it’s relatively cheap. So I can get a pretty decent salad for like, $4.00 instead of a sandwich that’s been deep-fried and whatever. I think the food is fine for our school.”

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