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Catch the zombie fever with The Walking Dead

walking dead

To many, October means pumpkin spice lattes, hoodies, and Halloween. To others October means the return of The Walking Dead, an American horror drama based off the comics by Robert Kirkman.

Season five of the hit drama series was just released on Netflix this past September, just in time for new viewers to catch up before the season six premiere. Season six premiered on Sunday, October 11, 2015 with a total of 14.6 million viewers tuning in.

The Walking Dead cast. Photo credit: AMC

The Walking Dead cast. Photo credit: AMC

The series follows Rick Grimes and his new family after he wakes from a coma to find his town completely deserted, save for a few hungry, wondering zombies. After finding himself in some trouble, Rick is saved from a zombie attack by Glenn, who helps him navigate his way out of the city. Following Glenn back to his camp, Rick then has a heart-warming reunion with his wife, Lori, son, Carl and best friend, Shane, along with a few other families hoping to survive long enough to see a cure against the ‘Walkers’.

However, surviving the zombie apocalypse is far from easy, as the group faces a lot of trouble and a lot of heart-wrenching loss. No one is safe, as Kirkman likes to remind his viewers.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman commented on killing of the characters. “We’re killing that guy,” Kirkman said. “Cool. But the show, it sucks because we all work together, we hang out, and have a great time. But, you know, the story’s gotta get done and people gots to die, as I like to say. It’s pretty rough.”

As the show progresses, the body count goes up and the tears roll down as viewers mourn the loss of some iconic characters.

As the group wonders on, they encounter other survivors, some who are not always friendly. Where these encounters have given the group wonderful additions such a katana wielding survivor, a life-saving veterinarian and a soft-hearted giant, they have also put the group in life-threatening situations.

David Morrissey as The Governor. Photo credit: AMC

David Morrissey as The Governor. Photo credit: AMC

One of the series most notable villains is a man known as The Governor, the leader of a fortified town called Woodbury, who serves as the main antagonist for season three and the beginning of season four. At first the smooth-talking Governor and his town seemed like a dream come true, but nothing is that simple anymore, and soon his true colors are shown. The Governor sets off to destroy Rick and his gang, but soon finds that, like all of Rick’s enemies, he is not going down without a fight.

The Walking Dead not only is filled with action-packed scenes of zombie-slayings, but also psychological torture and romance. Characters are faced with tough life and death choices, often see their own get devoured, and face their inner demons. It’s not all dark though, the show makes time for plenty of hope and joy. A baby is brought into the world and another couple promises themselves to one another and get married.

The Walking Dead is now in its sixth season and does not plan to stop anytime soon. There is still plenty of this world to explore, and if you can’t get enough, the spin-off series that aired this summer, Fear The Walking Dead, can be found on AMC’s website. The current season airs on AMC every Sunday night at 9 p.m. It’s never too late to catch up, and this season is one viewers can really sink their teeth into.

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