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Out With the Old: Theatre Department to Hold Costume Sale

Cos sale 3

The Theater Department at Carroll Community College (CCC) will be hosting a costume sale in the Great Hall on October 14 and October 15 in order to clear out their inventory.

“We have limited space and produce a lot of theatre,” said Seth Schwartz, Theatre Production Manager at CCC. “A costume sale is a great way to bring down our inventory and make room for new costumes.”

Schwartz said that the proceeds of the sale go back into the theater department to help them continue to produce great theater. When asked about what the expected outcome in sale were, he responded, “We don’t have any monetary expectations. It is a fun experience for us and the community who attend. It is a blast for us to revisit these costumes after they have been put in storage.”

The costume sale is a bi-annual event that takes place at Carroll. According to Schwartz, the past sales have been very successful. “They have a great turn out of community members, local theatre artists, and students,” said Schwartz.

The sale begins at 12 p.m. each day and is open to both students and the community.

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