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SGO discusses Starry Night Gala and new club


The Carroll Community College Student Government Organization (SGO) discussed their contributions to the Starry Night Gala and the formation of a new club on Tuesday at their regular meeting.

The Starry Night Gala, scheduled for December 4, is a black tie fundraiser event held annually by the Carroll Community College Foundation. The event brings out what SGO advisor Heather Diehl referred to as “Carroll County’s finest,” including the County Commissioners.

Aside from a regular monetary contribution, the SGO members volunteer at the gala by working the coatroom, helping with the silent auction sales and directing traffic in the parking lot. The board had the opportunity to take their first preference of assignments before Student Life opened the chance up to other students.

Diehl also reviewed the evening’s dress code with the SGO, which was more of an issue with females than males. Students could wear a pantsuit or a dress, but the dress needed to be “more homecoming than prom,”said Diehl.  She even took an opportunity to joke with the board by telling Senator Hardik Patel, “No summer dresses, Hardik.”

The SGO members also voted on the second new club proposal in two weeks, this time for an Investment Club. The club, which named Dr. Ashlie Warnick as it’s advisor, did not request any startup funding and also drew interest from the board. “I should probably be interested in this club,” stated SGO President Lindsay Green. The club was approved after a very brief discussion.

The members of the board then discussed their entry to the Gingerbread House Benefit Contest, organized by Westminster Church of the Brethren.  The SGO Gingerbread sub-committee, headed by Vice President Alex Schmidt, decided to build a replica of the Great Hall of Carroll Community College. The submission will be completed and submitted by November 12.

SGO meetings are held every Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the board room. All meetings are open to the public.

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