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SGO welcomes new senators, approves new club


The newly elected senators of the Carroll Community College Student Government Organization (SGO) attended their first meeting as members on Tuesday, September 13.

SGO President Lindsay Green started the meeting with the swearing in of recently elected senators Macy Markum, Karly Humberson, Mandi York and Jessica Riley. Green and advisor Heather Diehl then explained to the new senators the benefits they gained by joining, including personal mailboxes and parking permits.

The board spent much of the meeting bringing the new members up to speed on decisions made in the month of September. The newest senators’ first decision came in the form of a request to form a new club on campus. A group of 31 students submitted the paperwork to form an Anime Club. The request gained immediate support from Vice President Alex Schmidt by not asking for any immediate funding. “No money?” Schmidt asked. “I’m behind them.”

With an emphasis on following correct parliamentary procedure, the SGO approved the formation of the Anime Club.

The final item addressed in the meeting was the election of senators to the positions of treasurer, secretary and SGO representative at Planning and Advisory Council (PAC) meetings (a position Schmidt affectionately referred to as “Pacman or Ms. Pacman”).

The secretary and PAC representative incumbents (Mike Dunn and Hardik Patel, respectively) won their positions back outright, but the previously unoccupied treasurer seat led to an election between new senators Macy Markum and Jessica Riley. After a quick tally, the SGO named Markum as the new treasurer. Green was excited to see people step up in the very first meeting.

“It was awesome to see Macy taking on an important position so early,” Green stated.

The SGO meets at 3:30 p.m. every Tuesday in the Board Room, and the meetings are open to the public.

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