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Student Sampler: What are your Halloween plans?

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Michelle Snyder (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)

Michelle Snyder: “My barn gets together and we have a Halloween party and we’re going to dress up the horses and have a little parade.”



Vince Zombro (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)



Vince Zombro: “I’m going to my girlfriend’s dad’s party and we’re going to dress up as an Indian couple.”







Claire Wink (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)

Claire Wink: “My friend throws a Halloween party every year and everybody dresses up in really cool costumes.  He makes a big bonfire and scavenger hunts and other cool, fun activities.”





Ches Roberts (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)



Ches Roberts: “This year I’m going to Georgia with my girlfriend to visit her dad and he’s gonna have a Halloween party. It’s going to be that entire weekend. We’re going as Tank Girl and Jet Girl, characters from “Tank Girl,” a Lori Petty film.”








Zain Valerio (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)

Zain Valerio: “I wanted to wear my costume to school but Carroll won’t let me. I wanted to do Thanatos, which is a Greek god. He’s the hand of death and he works for Hades. Hades in lore is the god of the underworld, and he sends Thanatos out to go reap the souls and it’s kind of a controversy because no one can escape death, not even Hades himself. So Thanatos now, since he has the ability to kill gods, is after his boss. And I thought it would have been cool to go with Thanatos, but I don’t think the school really approved of my scythe.”



Kyle Bunch (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)




Kyle Bunch: “I’ve been training for crew chief for the UH60 Might helicopter for the Army National Guard in Maryland. This Halloween we might be doing a few flights. It’s nothing guaranteed yet though.”







Christian Wetmore (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)

Christian Wetmore: “I’m going to an all day metal show in Hagerstown!”



Rachel Sommer (Staff photo: Bridget Cook)


Rachel Sommer: “I’ll be watching scary movies with my sisters. Other than that, I might be working. I work in the deli department at the Kennie’s in Taneytown so I’ll probably be slicing meats and serving people salad.”

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