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The-Quill’s New Advice Column


Are you stressing about preparing for an algebra exam? Is there a problem with your co-worker? Does the thought of transferring to that new college make you sweat? Students can often feel like they are alone or without help in the struggles of their academic, personal and social life. There may be times when one feels like there is nobody available to talk to about these problems. But plenty of people face the same worries, and The-Quill is here to help.

The-Quill has a new advice column, open to all students. We encourage those seeking advice to send us any questions or dilemmas you may have. We have an advice columnist on staff who is waiting to answer your questions.

Submissions can be emailed to thequilladvice@gmail.com. All submitted names and emails will be kept confidential and never published. You may either provide an alias for your submission, or it can be anonymous. The-Quill welcomes all submissions and looks forward to helping out students.


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