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Battle royale in the Student Center


Students from around the college gathered with their gaming controllers in the Student Center for the Carroll Community College Gamers’ (CCC Gamers) Super Smash Bros. Tournament.

Scheduled to start at 3 p.m. on November 3, the event allotted the first 40 minutes as time for students walk in and sign up. After the sign-up period ended, CCC Gamers president Spencer Strait and vice president Jesse Frangolis developed a bracket to incorporate all 18 students on the entry form and explained the playing rules.

The tournament placed an emphasis on gamesmanship, with a two-strike system for any actions considered to be disrespectful to other players. Strait served as the official in deciding what constituted a lack of sportsmanship.

The play kicked off at 3:50 p.m. with an intense match between Frangolis and eventual second place finisher Sean Wade. Despite taking the very first loss of the tournament, Frangolis was far from discouraged. He commented that it was slightly disappointing for the club vice president to be eliminated so early, but commended his opponent’s abilities. “Sean was a good player,” Frangolis stated. “It’s always good to lose to a good player.”


Contestants gather round to watch the tournament. Photo credit: Deborah Embury

Campus Activities Board (CAB) advisor Amanda Gardiner entered the tournament and played her only match of the day early in the first round. When asked if she had ever played the game before, Gardiner replied, “Yeah I have, once.” She didn’t last long, but the crowd enjoyed the novelty of her playing at all.

The event progressed steadily through the afternoon, and even the losers stuck around to cheer on everyone still playing. At no point did Strait have to hand out warnings for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Eventually, Zach Sunell emerged as the champion by defeating Wade in the finals. Neither player came into the tournament expecting much success, but ended up claiming the top two spots. When asked about his play, Wade joked that “I feel like I justified all the time I’ve spent playing Smash Bros.” His second place finish earned him a $25 gift card to the location of his choice, to which he chose Wal-Mart.

Zach Sunell (black shirt, seated) relaxes after his finals victory against Sean Wade (white jacket) (Photo Credit: Tim Smith)

Zach Sunell (black shirt, seated) relaxes after his finals victory against Sean Wade (white jacket)
Photo Credit: Tim Smith

Sunell, meanwhile, won two $25 gift cards, and elected to select his preference after sleeping on the decision. He expressed that he signed up to have some fun, but winning was a pleasant surprise. “I didn’t expect to do as well as I did,” Sunell commented.

Strait remarked that due to its success, the club has not ruled out holding another tournament next semester. When asked what he enjoyed most about the event, Strait replied, “All of it was my favorite part. This was a great success.”

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