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Service Learning Club Sends Care To The Troops

Students and volunteers prep the boxes to be filled. Staff photo: Bridget Cook.Students and volunteers prep the boxes to be filled. Staff photo: Bridget Cook.

On November 11, the Service Learning Club of Carroll Community College transformed the bookstore lobby into a packaging station for boxes of charitable donations going to troops overseas.

Members of the club, as well as drop-in volunteers, helped assemble and line 40 boxes with festive wrapping paper and write small notes of gratitude and encouragement to the troops. Later these packages will be shipped off to the troops to brighten their holiday season and thank them for their sacrifices.

The event followed a formal Veteran’s Day observance in the Great Hall. While the care packages were put together, an informational video on the history of Carroll County’s own veterans was shown. Volunteers enthusiastically spent the day working  to give back to those who devote their lives to serving their country. “They’re stuck there, so we’re making a difference,” said student Melissa Salazar. “The least we can do is stuff a box full of holiday paper when they’re giving their lives.”

The idea of creating the boxes was brought to Carroll by student Brandyn Geist, who currently has a brother serving at a military academy. Each year, a parent’s club at the academy organizes a drive to sponsor care packages being sent overseas. The club asks friends and family of those serving to help out with the drive as well, which is why Geist decided to encourage her peers at Carroll to help out with the project this year. The parent’s club is sponsoring a total of 882 boxes which will be shipped on December 3.

“Making these boxes is my favorite part of the holidays,” said Geist. “When you get pictures of [the service members] happy with everything you sent them it feels good.”

Carroll is currently collecting donations of toiletries, snack items, canned food and more in a bin in the Student Life office.  Donations will be collected until November 23.


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