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Student Sampler: Starbucks Holiday Controversy


For the 2015 holiday season, Starbucks released a new cup that has sparked quite a bit of debate. In the past, the cup has been decorated with snowflakes, sleds and bells, among other festive designs. But this year the cup is blank. Some believe this means that Starbucks is against Christ and Christmas, while other say that the design (or lack of) is nice, or simply doesn’t matter.

The-Quill spoke to students and staff at Carroll Community College to get their opinions on the new Starbucks cup.


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Deborah Embury
Deborah Embury is pursuing a degree in English and Journalism and has been writing for The-Quill since 2014. Deborah has written about Student Life, the Campus Activities Board, art and theatre at Carroll, and travel features.

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  1. I think that a Starbuck’s cup design debate is a First World problem…and a frivolous First World problem at that. I think we have more important problems to ponder this holiday season.

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