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Chicago Med: The Newest in the Chicago Trilogy

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The network NBC is known for its hard-hitting series Law & Order, its adaptations, like Law & Order: SVU, and the brand it created. Dick Wolf, the renowned Emmy Award-winning executive producer of the series and its brand, is recognized as the mind behind the groundbreaking hit. Dick Wolf is at it again, producing another huge hit, this time in the form of a trilogy based on departments in the city of Chicago. The first, Chicago Fire, started back in 2012 and season four is currently airing, following that, the spin off, Chicago P.D., began in the fall of 2014, and now Chicago Med is the newest drama to appear in the trilogy.

Although it was only the first episode of Chicago Med, fans of Chicago Fire and P.D. are familiar with some of the doctors in the hospital. The fire department and its EMT’s admit patients to Chicago Med’s hospital and the detectives from Chicago P.D. come by the hospital when an investigation calls for it. The characters in each of the three shows are familiar with each other, even friends, because they all work together from time-to-time, and because of that have regular cameos in their linked shows.

Dr. Natalie Manning in the ER. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC.

Dr. Natalie Manning (portrayed by Torrey DeVitto) in the ER.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Sisson/NBC.

Chicago Med premiered Tuesday, November 17 at 9 p.m. The show did not waste time plunging into high intensity situations that viewers of the other two shows are used to. The pilot began with the opening of a new trauma center in the Chicago Med hospital. Pagers and phones began ringing and beeping and ambulances piled in, filling up the emergency room with patients with severe and challenging injuries. Like the other two Chicago dramas, Chicago Med did not disappoint. It is a show about emergency room doctors, specifically a trauma center. A doctors work is already unbelievably incredible to most, not to mention how exciting the hectic nature of an emergency room is. These doctors are just regular people but because of their title real lives are trusted to them and it’s really something to see.

Dr. Connor Rhodes performing chest compressions Courtesy of Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Dr. Connor Rhodes (portrayed by Colin Donnell) performing chest compressions.
Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC.

Amongst all the emergency room chaos, a trauma-fellow, Dr. Connor Rhodes, transfers into the Chicago Med hospital. He is introduced to the chief resident, Dr. Will Halstead, while being rolled in on a gurney performing chest compressions on a man injured in a derailed train crash.

Dr. Will Halstead. Photo credit: NBC.

Dr. Will Halstead portrayed by Nick Gehlfuss.
Photo courtesy of NBC.

Needless to say, he had quite an impression on Dr. Halstead and of course, the women on the show. The medical cases presented in the pilot set the precedent to expect nothing less than dedication from the doctors, touching backstories for the patients, some heart-wrenching losses and some releaving wins.

However, this show isn’t strictly about the medical practices, it’s also about the people that perform those practices. As one can expect, these doctors have lives outside of the hospital as well as their own stories and their own troubles. Their personal motives and struggles will drive them to do their very best work and help the viewers get to know them along the way.

Dr. Daniel Charles with a regular patient. Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC.

Dr. Daniel Charles (portrayed by Oliver Platt) bonding with a regular patient of his.
Photo courtesy by Elizabeth Sisson/NBC.

Besides the fact that all three of the Chicago series are intense dramas and are very good at being so, there are two factors that separate these shows from the rest of the similar dramas on television. The first is that above all else these shows are truly inspiring. From the firefighting to crime-solving to medical procedures, it’s not only the work that’s inspiring but who these characters are and what they mean to each other. The work is significant and the bonds they build are rare. These firefighters, detectives and doctors don’t just work together, they aren’t just a team, they are family. They are passionate about their work and devoted to each other and the city of Chicago. Viewers admire and respect these characters and what they do and it makes viewers want to be better and to do better in their own lives. Those same feelings of admiration, inspiration, and just an all-around fulfilled feeling comes with each episode of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.

The second factor that separates the Chicago trilogy from the rest of television is that these three shows take place across the city of Chicago. NBC has created a world for its characters to live in that is very different from the typical world created for TV characters. With other TV shows, viewers only see their characters in the time the show allows, the rest of that characters time is left to the imagination. The Chicago trilogy is a gift to dedicated viewers. Now, viewers can see their favorites outside of their own shows. It makes the characters more real in a sense. As it says in the previews, Chicago lives on NBC.

Meeting the high standards set by its predecessors, Chicago Med is engaging, appealing, and moving and if you love one show, you’ll love them all.

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Be sure to follow the stories of Chicago’s heroes.

Tune in to Chicago Med Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and Chicago Fire at 10 p.m. and Chicago P.D. on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. Catch up on Fire and P.D. or just jump into the current seasons. It’s easy to catch up and even easier to fall in love with the characters.





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