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Student Sampler: What are your spring break plans?

image source http://foxnews1450.com/on-air-blogs/bryan-hyde/hyde-your-kids-should-do-nothing-for-spring-break-ever/image source http://foxnews1450.com/on-air-blogs/bryan-hyde/hyde-your-kids-should-do-nothing-for-spring-break-ever/


“I actually don’t have any plans to travel or anything, I’m probably just going to catch up on homework, hang out with friends who are home from other colleges and spend time with family.”

—Taylor McGowan



“I’m probably going to see my grandma in Oklahoma.”

—LeAnna Jones



“This spring break I’m volunteering for the Alternative Spring Break program. Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. I’ll be helping out at the SERRV International Gift Shop over in New Windsor. We’ll be taking out pre-made packages, inspecting them, sorting them (you get free lunch and a T-shirt too!). Then I’m going to help out also representing Gaming Club while I’m there because they need more representation. Other than that, the rest of that week I’m probably going to work a little because extra money over spring break doesn’t hurt.”

—James Howard Jr.



“I’m going to be relaxing and spending time with my family and catching up on some sleep that I lost due to school.”

—Nate Cook



“We’re going to Disney World!”

—Meredith Faid and Amanda Reandeau



“We’re going to play board games nonstop. We’ve got Yahtzee lined up; we’re not going outside. Forget if it’s warm, we’re just staying inside playing board games.”

—Kelly Smallwood


“I’ll probably just read the entire Harry Potter series and get a bunch of work done on school and house stuff.”

—Steve Bigott



“I’m going to party.”

—Nick Pappas


“Over spring break this year I have jury duty. I’m also helping out with some Alternative Spring Break services.”

—Lindsay Green

“I’m doing my internship for my education classes and working and that’s about it.”

—Ashley Reandeauashley


“I’m probably going to be practicing my guitar more often than not and working.”

—Jake O’Connell







“I will be grading, maybe working in my garden, hiking… I have a dentist appointment too. That’s not really a highlight though.”don

—Don Hoepfer (professor of philosophy)


jessi(staff)“I’m doing a short artist residency so I’m going to be pulling a small edition of woodcut prints at a small press in Virginia. I’m also going to a metal show. It’s going to be a really good spring break!”

—Jessi Hardesty (professor of art)



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