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Dr. Rosalie Mince: Taking Chances

Above Dr. Rosalie Mince. Photo Credited to: Sylvia BlairAbove Dr. Rosalie Mince. Photo Credited to: Sylvia Blair

WESTMINSTER, Md- New Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs, Rosalie Mince, Ph.D. recently arrived from the Community College of Baltimore County, and spoke of her support of community colleges, previous experiences as Professor and Associate Dean at CCBC, and big career changes.

Mince, a community college graduate herself didn’t intend on enrolling at community college until after her mother convinced her to enroll. She said, “ I think too often high school students are pushed to only consider four-year institutions, and for a lot of them it is a disservice. They end up not doing well, or getting into a lot of financial debt, and have to move back home.”

Many college students across the country, especially freshmen, change their major many times more than once. “When you are in high school you aren’t exposed to this many different subjects, so you take an anthropology course, or a world literature course, and get exposed to a whole new world that you didn’t know was out there” Mince said. “How can you know what you want your major to be until you have had some college experience, and experience the world a little bit?” She added.

Mince taught as a Professor of Health and Fitness Studies at Dundalk Community College. While she was there, Dundalk merged with Essex Community College, forming the CCBC. Mince said, “As the institution grew from one campus to be this large system I had lots of opportunities to do other things, so I went from faculty member, to program coordinator, to a chairman, to a dean.”

As associate dean at Dundalk Community College Mince oversaw many programs similar to the ones at Carroll, but on a smaller scale. “I oversaw a variety of offices” She said.

She added, “I had everything from the writing center, tutoring, students with disabilities; we called it ‘Developmental Education’ […] I had responsibilities for program development, especially in the career areas, and general education.”

Before working as a VP and associate dean, Mince, started her academic career as an elementary physical education teacher until she took a chance, and applied for a job as a professor at Dundalk Community College. She said, “I was happy in my job, I was not looking, and someone who worked at Essex Community College called me and said, ‘There is an opening at Dundalk.’ He said that people never leave these jobs, they get into community college and they love it, so these job opportunities don’t often come along. “I went, I applied, I liked it, they liked me, and 28 years later I was still in that job.”

Mince found herself in a familiar place, happy with her job, not looking for anything new until a friend attended a statewide meeting and told her of a job opening at Carroll Community College. At first she was hesitant.

She said, “After a couple of days I said well I should look into it, and see what’s involved. I went through […] a checklist, and I said well I guess I am a pretty good candidate, so that gave me the motivation if you will to submit my paperwork and see what happened.”

“I think there is a lesson in that. We need to be open to the opportunities that are there, and I think that often happens with jobs in that it’s not necessarily what you’re looking for, but you have to be open to the possibilities, be willing to take a bit of a risk.” She Said

She added, “The two times that I made a really big change both of them were when someone else encouraged me to take a chance, I did, and it paid off.”

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