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Jeff Lane holds guitar workshop at Carroll

Above, Violence in Vanity performs at Carroll Community College. Photo credited to @violenceinvanityAbove, Violence in Vanity performs at Carroll Community College. Photo credited to @violenceinvanity

WESTMINSTER, Md- Jeff Lane, lead guitarist of Violence In Vanity, held a guitar workshop at Carroll Community College to showcase his talents and band in order to inspire up and coming musicians.

Lane, a self-taught musician  who has been playing for 12 years, started when he was 18 years-old. Lane found success with multiple bands that toured the entire east coast, however, after those bands dissolved Lane joined his current band Violence in Vanity.

Lane said, “We all kind of knew each other. We’d been in the scene for a long time, the Baltimore scene, and we’ve seen each other in different bands. It just so happened that all of our bands at the time kind of dissolved, and we were like why don’t we just get together and see what we can come up with.”

Lane believes that venues like community colleges are important for aspiring musicians.

He said, “I think it can inspire, I’ve been to them, so it’s kind of weird that I’m doing my own.” He added, “I would have to go out, and I guess this was before YouTube, […] go out and see people whether it be a local show or a local showcase.”

violence in vanity

From top left, Dave Gascon-Vocals, Jeff Lane-Guitar, Jamey McElroy-Bass, Cody Cook-Drums. Photo credited to @rockdocumented

While finding himself as a musician, Lane attended a George Lynch workshop that encouraged him to keep playing. “He had a guitar workshop one time and I went and saw it, and it blew my mind. It was just him, he did have backing tracks that he played along with, but […] you got close to him, you could see what he was doing, and it just lit a fire under me,” said Lane.

“Its not just a video you see on MTV or just a stage. You know it was him actually doing it, so that’s where I think it’s really important […] it makes the person approachable, the artist approachable, and it puts a realism to it,” added Lane.

Violence in Vanity has mostly toured local venues in Baltimore with the exception of Philadelphia and West Virginia. They have featured in the collection of bars at the ‘Power Plant Live’ in the inner harbor of Baltimore, and recently played at Clancy’s Irish Pub in West Virginia. The band hopes to hire a new manager in the upcoming future and start performing at bigger venues.

Lane said “The goal is to do this for a living, and the way music has changed, you don’t need to get signed anymore. Bands don’t rely on record labels as much as they used to. “

With influences from “Tool” and “Breaking Benjamin”, their sound is a mix of hard rock and alternative metal. Violence in Vanity’s self-titled debut album is available to stream on reverbnation.com and available for purchase on ITunes.

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