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Our purpose at The-Quill is to keep all people with a vested interest in the Carroll Community College community accurately informed by providing them with a fervently independent and intellectual outlet for today’s pressing news, as well as culturally relevant features from the world of arts and entertainment.  The-Quill provides an open forum to the campus community for the free expression and exchange of ideas, concerns, issues, trends, and information, and outlets for the college community.

It shall be our policy to publish the truth to the best of our ability at all times and that in service to that truth we will take whatever action is necessary to avoid impropriety or the appearance thereof. In those times where that simple obedience will draw lines in the moral sand our staff are urged to consider their duty as their compass and the True North against which to judge their decisions.

That having been said there are actions which The-Quill shuns and forbids its writers and editors to undertake. No staff member may, under any circumstance, accept gifts related to their work with The-Quill as such gifts might in many ways, not all conscious, affect that staff member’s neutrality. Such gifts may include, but are not limited to, offers of free travel to events, free event tickets or ticket upgrades, and free meals. In addition to this, no member of The-Quill may serve concurrently on the SGO as this will create a marked conflict of interest when reporting on that group’s activities to the paper’s readership. The-Quill recognizes the need and desire of many of its writers to engage in activities both social and professional outside of their work here which may, in some cases, suggest a conflict of interest. In such cases those staff members are instructed to consider the good name of this publication before engaging in activities which might besmear it, with full awareness that the image of impropriety or conflict could result in their censure or removal from staff.

In our pursuit of the truth we shall make every possible effort to confirm data supplied by all sources and to publish only confirmed, accurate information. In the rare event where we err in this pursuit we will immediately make full corrections with credit given to the source of said correction. Such a correction will be accompanied by a note from an editor apologizing for said mistake, stating the reason the correction was necessary, and, if possible, the error in process which occasioned the publication of factually inaccurate information.

Lastly, The-Quill strongly encourages the public to voice its opinion on content generated by its reporters; however, it must be expressly clear that it will not be held liable for such content in whatever form it may take. The nature of social media mandates that at times moderation of such content will be required, but it is our intent that this will be undertaken only as a final measure to maintain decency.

For more information please contact Deborah Embury (editorinchief@the-quill.org).


The-Quill follows the guidelines supplied by the Associated Press Stylebook in the entry entitled “obscenities, profanities, vulgarities.” Individual cases will be judged by the paper’s editor-in-chief using those criteria.


The Quill is a student-written and student-managed newspaper. The Quill does not represent in any manner the opinions, positions, or sentiments of Carroll Community College.

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